The Craft Beer Revolution | Ben Ekim Brewing

On this episode of A Foodie Eats I chat with Ben from Ekim Brewing Co. We are in the midst of a craft beer revolution. Ben has some insights into why Aussie blokes are now turning to craft beer!

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The Growler After Battle Pale Ale


Ben & I


Where is it: 11/1 Marina Close, 2080 Mt Kuringai, Sydney Australia

The Beers: Viking IPA 6.7%
After Battle Pale Ale 5.4%
The Vinlander (American porter) 6%
Berserker (amber IPA) 7.2%
HEL (black IPA) 9.2%
Slammer (tequilla-spiked, Sorachi Ace-[single] hopped, pale ale) 6.2%


This Place Is Rockin | Back & Forth (Ep 37)

On this episode of A Foodie Eats I talk about an amazing new cafe in Castlecrag called Back & Forth. This place was rockin! 10am on a Friday morning & it was packed. Its another must try for any food lover.

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Check out Back & Forth’s instagram page HERE


The Show Press Play 


House Smoked trout


Roast Sweet Potato Hash


Cocoberry & Nut Guilty Smoothie


Where is it: Shop 20-22/100 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag, Sydney, Australia 2068

Trading Hours: Monday to Sunday 6am – 4pm

Prices: Meals $16 – $18 Smoothies $10 Coffee $4

Food Like Whoa | Spice Bar (Ep 36)

Spice 1

On this episode of A Foodie Eats I talk about my incredible night at Spice Bar on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. This place is the business. If you’re in Qld you have to go. Its a must for any foodie. I promise it will be a night to remember!

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The Show Press Play


The Beef Tataki

Spice 2

The Okonomiyaki

Spice 3

Where is it: 123 Mooloolaba Esplanade, Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Trading Hours: Lunch 12pm till 3pm Wednesday to Sunday Dinner Tue to Sun 6pm till 10pm

Prices: Small plates $17 Large Plates $36

A Chubby Hubby Review | Ben & Jerry’s (Ep 35)


Fuck I love ice cream. How good is it? I can eat 1 litre of that shit way to easy. It’s the best emotional eating food. When you’ve had a crap day, maybe stubbed your toe or even broken up with your lover, ice cream is the answer. It really fills that void in your life. I sometimes wish it were healthy. How good would that be. You visit the doc & he says ‘Tim all you need is a few tubs of chocolate ice cream & you’ll be feelin better in no time’. Yeah right!

Ben & Jerry’s have been making ice cream since 1978. The two blokes who started the brand have a few extra chins which you’d expect. They are definitely the best known ice cream on the planet. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were childhood friends from New York. While Greenfield finished college, he found himself unable to make his way into medical school. Cohen dropped out of school. In 1978 with a $12,000 investment, the two business partners opened an ice cream parlor in a renovated gas station in downtown Burlington, Vermont. The rest is history!


The Show Press Play


Chubby Hubby


Chocolate Fudge Brownie


The Chocolate Fudge Brownie has to be one of my favourite ice creams. Man its the nuts. The chocolate is dark & rich. You get this amazing dusty type texture in your mouth like you’re eating real coco. The fudge brownie pieces are like little nuggets of heaven. Every time I bite into one I know life is good. Its like liquid chocolate magma. The most important part of ice cream is the texture. Sometimes cheap shit brands have an icy type crunch to them which sucks ass. Ben & Jerry’s is smooth like my baby boys ass. On the odd occasion I like to rub it all over my naked body just to feel the silky texture. Now there’s a lovely thought!

The Chubby Hubby was a bit of a disappointment. I feel as though it was over worked. I love that saying from my mate Pete. He says it sometimes when referring to a wine. There were way to many flavours happening in my mouth. Picture this. Vanilla malt ice cream with peanutty fudge-covered pretzels with fudge & peanut buttery swirls. The pretzels were way to salty. Every time I hear someone say pretzels I think of George Costanza saying ‘THESE PRETZELS……. ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY!

What was it: Chubby Hubby & Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Price: $13.99

Pros: Outrageously yummy

Cons: You’ll end looking like fat bastard from Austin Powers

Gluten Free Paleo Paradise | Rough & Bare (Ep 34)


I love eating clean on Monday’s. The reason? Well… my weekends are full of booze, ice cream, lounging & way to much food. My friends popped over on Sunday evening & man did I give it a nudge. Champagne, sausages, steak, 3 bowls of ice cream & one bottle of red wine. It’s like I have no control. Its the weekend who fucking cares right? Well my body does. After that binge session I was walking around like I was 9 months pregnant. Holding my back, complaining I want this out of me & struggling to roll over in bed.

Rough & Bare is a new wholefood cafe located in Mona Vale, Sydney. Specialising in bio-individuality, nutrient density, gluten free, refined sugar free, primal, paleo, vegetarian type food. Exactly what I needed after I trashed myself the night before. They provide the community with healthy food options that wont cost you a kidney. Its very reasonably priced. The menu has been devised with the help of a naturopath and nutritionist. How cool is that. Simple idea but bloody brilliant. 

This cafe stands out from the rest. Its next level. They have a mini health food store inside where you can buy protein powder, acai & cook books. Another great idea. The decorè is modern, funky & well presented. A very welcoming atmosphere. The menu will have you drooling. Bone broth, grilled salmon, lamb shoulder terrine, naked beef burger, smoked mackerel & a spiced pumpkin salad. They also have smoothies, kombucha, sherpa coffee & organic coffee. So many amazing options.


The Show Press Play


Spicy pork belly tacos with slaw, house pickles & de arbol sauce


Wild caught salmon rice paper rolls with almond tahini satay sauce & daily salad


Mixed Berry Smoothie & Green Machine Smoothie


Like the decorè the food is next level. Freshness is key to this kinda grub. Its like they picked the salad leaves that morning & served it. Come to think of it they probably did. The spicy pork belly tacos rocked my world. The house pickles were sweet & sour, the slaw had so much crunch the table next to us could hear & the pork belly. How fucking good is pork belly. It had this nice chilli glow to it. The de arbol sauce Im guessing was a dry style. Its made with chilli & adds a nice complexity to the dish. The lettuce cup added that touch of freshness which made me feel well healthy inside. The pork was crispy & juicy. I could eat a tone of it, literally!

My lover Kate had the wild caught salmon rice paper rolls with tahini satay sauce. This dish had more colours in it than the gay & lesbian mardi gras. I love it when the rice paper is so fresh it falls apart in your mouth. The tahini sauce had this yummy nuttiness to it. It really complimented the rolls. Our smoothies were delish. I had to order another green machine because my 17 month old son inhaled the first one in 5 seconds flat. The mixed berry smoothie had small lavender flowers sprinkled over the top & the green machine had toasted granola sprinkled on the top as well.

Everything about this experience was great. The people, the drinks & of course the food. If you’re looking for a paleo, gluten free & wholefood experience Rough & Bare will knock your socks off. I urge you to visit this super duper cafe asap!

Where is it: 1/1 Bungan Lane, Mona Vale Australia 2101

Trading Hours: 7am – 4pm 7 days a week

Prices: Meals $15 – $22 Drinks $5 – $10 Coffee $4

A few things

  • Petaluma Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay 2014 $38
  • Dandelion Menagerie GSM $22


This Chicken Schnitty Is Da Shitty | Cheers Cut (Ep 33)


I love fried chicken. Whats not to like. Deep fried, crunchy & perfect with beer. Its proper man food. If you’re trying to eat healthy Cheers Cut ain’t for you. You can order green beans & broccoli but who the hells gonna eat that. Im sure some fitness nut will love the broccoli option. I can imagine some dooshbag asking if they can have their chicken steamed. Its perfect food for my biceps man!

Cheers Cut opened it’s doors in March 2015 in Chatswood. Now they have many stores around Sydney serving up fried chicken. It all began in Taiwan’s famous Luodong Night Market in 2005. Currently, there are more than 30 branches of Cheers Cut in Taiwan. In 2014, Cheers Cut entered the world-renowned Shilin Night Market in Taipei and the tourists & locals loved it.

The menu is quite diverse, it actually makes me giggle. They have this giant fried squid, which looks like an actual piece of giant squid. Kinda like someone ran over it in their car, battered it, then threw it in the frier. You should see this thing. You get a few options of toppings with your chicken & squid. Wet sauces or dry seasoning. They also have king oyster mushrooms, chickens nuggets, chips, sautéed calamari, deiced beef + water coke. See what I mean by funny.


The Show Press Play


The 120z chicken & chilli seasoning


Im so sexy!


I ordered the 12oz chicken with chilli seasoning. I didn’t want a wet sauce as it might make the batter soggy. Its comes in a packet (shown above) & you eat it like a kebab. Its fun food. The chilli seasoning had a good kick. White pepper, cayenne pepper, chilli with lots of salt. When you bite into the chicken the outside shatters in your mouth. Man it was crispy. The chicken was tender & not over cooked. The only annoying part of the meal was the bones. They were almost thin enough to eat but come to think of it, meat tastes better when cooked on the bone. So I guess its ok. I didn’t end up finishing the meal. We ordered chips & the chicken was enormous. I can eat shit loads but this fried piece of heaven won the battle this time.

Im going back next week with friends but for dinner not lunch. You totally need a beer with this kinda food. I ate this bad boy at 11am in the morning & the ball & chain said I wasn’t aloud to have a beer. Bummer! Cheers Cut serves good food with a twist. Its humorous & fun. I really enjoyed it. Will definitely go back for more!

Where is it: Shop P3, The District, Podium Level, Chatswood Interchange,, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Trading Hours: 11am – 9pm 7 days a week

Prices: 12oz Chicken $9.50, Squid $9.50

One Bad Ass Banh Mi | Saigon Rolls (Ep 32)


If you live in Sydney & ya don’t know what a Vietnamese pork roll is, you’re so not cool. I feel like this humble roll could soon turn into our national dish. What is our national dish anyways. Salt & pepper squid? Vegemite on toast or even fish & chips? Our culture is so diverse which has caused our food scene to explode. The average person living in Sydney no longer wants a burger with the lot, they want something new & exciting. Im sick to death of eating at cafe’s & ordering a chicken caesar salad that’s bland & boring like Australian politics.

Saigon Rolls in Chatswood makes one badass Banh Mi. How fucking sic is Chatty now. Its like a city. Lots of people, a thriving food scene & plenty of hot women. I freaking love it. You’re spoilt for choice when hungry. Tim Ho Wan, burgers, sausages & yum cha. So many options for a hungry Foodie!

Bánh Mì is a Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread. The word is derived from Bánh and Mì. Bread, or more specifically the baguette, was introduced by the French during its colonial period. Saigon Rolls is like a food truck. I don’t think it moves around though. Who cares its fucking awesome. I lined up & got my roll & they also threw in a summer bowl which was epic.


The Show Press Play


Banh Mi: Pork crackling with signature patè, mayo, soyasauce homemade pickled carrots & radish, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, coriander, onion, shallots on a Vietnamese baguette roll.


Pork Crackling Summer Bowl: Vermicelli noodles with pickled carrots, fresh mint, lettuce cucumber topped with fried onion and peanut & our light ‘nuoc mam’ dressing.


What can I say about Banh Mi. Its good. Bloody good. The roll is crunchy on the outside & soft in the middle. The pork was salty, tender with a crispy skin. Cooked to perfection. The patè added decadence & the pickled carrots gave the roll a nice sour component. Asian food has such balance. Sweet, sour & salty. The lettuce added freshness. The coriander was fragrant. The last ingredient they add is chilli. I love chilli. Its all about the heat. You don’t want to much. Just enough to make your mouth a bit numb. I ate that bad ass roll in 2 minutes. YUMMY!

If you’ve never had a Banh Mi go & get one right now. They’ll rock your world. Its probably one of my favourite meals. Cheap, tasty & delicious. Do it!

Where is it: 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood Australia 2067

Trading Hours: Mon – Fri 7.30am – 3.00pm. Sat 10.00am – 2.30pm. Sun Closed

Phone: (02) 9410 0988

Prices: Banh Mi $7.50 Summer Bowls $8

Slow Cooked Is The Answer | Briskētt Chatswood (Ep 31)


There’s something about slow cooked meat that makes me horny. I love the flavour, texture & best of all the price. You have to take out a second mortgage to buy beef fillet or lamb cutlets. A little while back butchers use to give that shit away for nothing. Here ya go feed the dog with this rack of lamb. Ah those were the days.

Briskētt in Chatswood have set up a cafe utilizing this age old technique. The best part is, its cheap as chips. The menu has many slow cooked options including beef brisket, pork belly, lamb shoulder & pulled chicken. Its right next to Chatswood station, about a 2 minute walk or so. I love places like this. Clean with an open kitchen. Funky & youthful. You can see everything. Which is good for a Foodie like me. You can sit outside or in. We sat outside & enjoyed the sunshine.

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The Show Press Play!


Pork belly: Braised with tomato, lettuce, onions, apple slaw & homemade chimichurri


Brisket: Slow cooked beef with tomato, lettuce, onion, grilled corn, mustard & bbq sauce


Lamb Shoulder: twice cooked with, lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted capsicum & Tzatziki


The Chips


The Braised Pork Belly had crispy salty skin. It was tender & soft. The chimichurri sauce fucking rocked. It’s usually made with finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, vegetable oil, oregano, and white vinegar. Yum! You can order the pork on a bread roll or salad. We opted for the salad version. The lettuce underneath soaked up all of the juices. It was a Monday & I was feeling healthy.

The Beef Brisket slow cooked was epic. A smokey bbq sauce with grilled corn & mustard. Man that beef was packed with flavour & whats not to love about smokey bbq sauce? The twice cooked Lamb Shoulder was delicate & fleshy. It surprised me actually. I was expecting it to be punch you in da face rich. But it was quite the opposite. The tzatziki was creamy & super fresh. I love that shit with lamb. The Chips were tasty. Nice & crispy like Tara Reid’s skin. What a meal!

The best part is the price. Each dish cost $9.50. How awesome’s that? Piss Subway right off with ya $10.95 footlong crap. Hit Briskētt up & have a roll for only $9.50 that shits all over Subs. Such great value. Love it mate!

Where is it: 3/465 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Trading hours: Mon to Friday 7am – 4pm

Phone: (02) 8540 8706

Prices: $8 – $12 for meals + coffees for $3.50

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Liquid Hot Brownie Magma | Donna Hay (Ep 30)


Donna Hay is one of Australia’s best known celebrity chefs. I wouldn’t say she’s a chef but more of a cook. Her stuff always looks great. Glossy, full of colour & simple. I have been disappointed in the past with her recipes. I remember making an eggplant dish with cheese that we baked many years ago. Mother fucka looked awesome in the magazine but was incredibly bland when cooked. I also remember when Manu from MKR gave her shit for being boring. I thought it was pretty funny + I kinda agreed.

A few posts back I reviewed Adriano Zumbo’s packet brownies. They were fucking good. A little to good for packet stuff. The other day I noticed that Donna Hay had her own Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownie mixture right next to his. So I thought I’d give her another chance & try her brownies.

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If you ever need to cook something quick this kinda packet shit is the way to go. All you need is a mixing bowl, whisk, the brownie mixture, 125g of melted butter & 2 beaten eggs. Preheat the oven to 160d and place the well beaten mixture into a 20cm by 20cm baking dish & cook for 45 minutes. Also make sure you line the baking tray with bake paper. There’s nothing more annoying than a cake that sticks. I could probably murder someone when that happens.

The Brownie

I was a bit concerned about the cooking time with this recipe. 45 minutes. The mixture was rather dry & thought it would need about 20 minutes in the oven. I baked the mixture for 43 minutes & they were perfectly cooked. I let them cool for about an hour then cut them up. They were still a bit warm. As I drove the knife into the brownie I could see the choc chunks sticking to the knife. The were gooey, soft with a thin crust. Fuck me they tasted good. Really good. The choc chunks melted throughout & created that magma like effect. The dark chocolate was rich & full of flavour. I like the fact that they had a crisp edge. It adds another dimension to the brownie. But the best bit was the melted choc chunks. When you bite right into one of those bits of chocolate heaven you feel like nothing else matters. How freaking good is chocolate!


What was it: Donna Hay Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownie

Price: $5 (on special)

Pros: Decadent Amazingness

Cons: You’ll feel sick after 2 pieces

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It’s A Tim Tam Showdown | Arnotts Tim Tams (Ep 29)


Put your chocolate gloves on we have a biscuit battle!

On this episode of A Foodie Eats I reveal the winner of the best Tim Tam. This was one epic fight. Listen to my show to find out the winner.

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The Show Press Play


Tim Tam is a brand of chocolate biscuit made by Arnott’s and available in several countries. A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.

The biscuit was created by Ian Norris, who was the director of food technology at Arnott’s. Tim Tams went on to the market in 1964.

The Finalists are?

  • Original
  • Double coat
  • Coconut Zumbo
  • Rassberry Zumbo
  • Salted caramel



If you disagree with my final verdict I don’t care. Im so right!

Would I eat it again? With out a doubt

Prices: $2.50 on special $4 RRp

Where to buy: Woolworths, Coles, IGA & Convenience stores